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Henri de Rivel

Henri de Rivel is a recognized brand of jumping, all purpose and dressage saddles that offers over than 40 types of frameworks which creates a greatest variety of styles, sizes, depths, broad of seat, and openings in the market place.
There is quality control in all stages of production and the symmetry in materials allows us to achieve a final product which serves as a template for all saddles to follow. Hence the saddlers develop their work in a more consistent and precise way.
At Henri de Rivel we are proud to say that we are able to do what others cannot do. We do not have design limitations and are always improving in technological developments and quality.
All of our effort is aimed to satisfy our faithful customers: the Horseman and the Horse.

Tipa y Caña

Tipa y Caña is a prestigious mark of handbags, purses and accessories inspired in everything about Polo things as a way of life. Our objective has been to bring together from all parts of the word talented minds that can create works of art with their own hands. What interest us are the artisans passion and devotion and his or her vast experience, therefore, creating and producing and extensive line of clothing and accessories for those who love this sport.


Airedelsur is a distinguished brand that has been inspired with finest materials such as onyx, alpaca, goat and cow leather, cactus wood, among others that creates an unmistakable and original design. It makes a wide variety of decorative items for home like trays, bowls, jugs, sugar, creamer, candlesticks, and cutlery. Airedesur has specialized in the talent of American craftsmen for the development of decorative accessories fashion and design. Airedesur has turned into an iconic brand recognized by the uniqueness of everything that integrates your collections.

Just Horse

Just Horse has an important experience in the development and innovation of ecuestre polo products, either for the horse or for the player. Just Horse specials skills starts in the quality of wraps, saddle blankets and pads, among others. And also they make sport clothes like team jerseys, sweatshirts and jackets.
In addition, Just Horse used a finest and suitable material for high sports clothes competitions like jersey, dry-fit and gabardine which turn this mark in a recognized one, for the excellent quality and design in their products.


From the beginning, Pringamoza has aim to position itself as a reference mark of the equipment for equestrian activity. Achieve the perfect fusion among the best raw material, the craft work, and the contribution of professional players in all the equestrian activities, such as Polo, Jumping and Endurance, that gave as a result the excellence in each one of our products for the different equestrian activities.
Nowadays, Pringamoza is also a recognized mark of clothing and accessories for the use of women and men, having a huge line of products like pants, shirts, sweaters, handbags, belts, boots and shoes.

Flash Sports

Since 1988, Flash ® sport manufactured from Argentina products for the protection of payers and horses specializing in sinews protection, pichiqueras, and protectors for horse transports, shoulders pads and others neoprene accessories for the knee, legs, wrist and Foamy elbow pad.

Horse Land

For their beginning, Horseland specializes in clothing for the rider with exclusives Breeches models and jackets, in order to provide comfort and free movement. They also have outstanding durability, advanced technology and exquisite materials like lycra for giving to the most demanding rider a comfortable and stylish product.
HorseLand is a constantly fusion between Art, Engineering, Comfort and Passion.


Bautista Heguy is considered one of the best polo players in the world and a reference in the sport for both professionals and amateurs. His experience and trajectory have been used to develop and launch its own brand of equipment for pole "Bautista Heguy BH" consisting of saddles, bridles, straps, helmets, boots and knee pads, as well as a line of accessories which includes modern designs bags, rack and gloves, among others. These products are recognized and chosen by the most demanding customers, mainly due to be made with the highest standards of quality and innovation in design.

Molina Campos

Florencio Molina Campos was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1891 and is considered an internationally renowned artist, great artist and self-taught painter. Could take form through the original painting with a broad knowledge of the idiosyncrasies and the life of man in Argentina. We can now find their most outstanding works in a wide variety of products such as calendars, prints, books, diaries, milk candy, cards, t-shirts, postcards, puzzles, among others.

Adrián Pallarols

Adrian Pallarols is seventh generation of silversmiths and author of numerous works of international significance. It has a wide experience and is considered a prestigious goldsmith and designer. Equestrian sports fan and especially the pole joined Heguy Bautista, one of the icons of this activity, to bring into being what they end up being one of most exclusive and unique creations of equipment for Polo in the world. Adrian Pallarols forms a limited edition saddles, bridles, girths and stirrup. All these products are serialized and made by hand in silver and carefully selected buffalo leather to finally be customized to the individual client.

Chapa Uno

Casa Villamil

With over 70 years of history the emblematic Casa Villamil is still one of the leading brands in the manufacture of polo mallets. Located since its beginnings in Hurlingham, the also called Capital Polo Argentina, where its founder Cesar Villamil began repairing cues, and then his son George built and began to manufacture them. But not only the commitment, dedication and behavior led to the Villamil Tacos are chosen by the best polo players, princes and kings, but also the quality of craftsmanship that is preserved until today.




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